Senior Business Analyst


Are you a helper? Are you a focused analyst balancing quick and careful action to accomplish the goals? Do you have a passion for connecting your faith deeply with your work? If you are willing to serve and looking for a company that is truly making an impact, then we want to talk with you!

Our ideal Senior Business Analyst (SBA) is:

  • Problem Solver – You are skilled at identifying and addressing challenges and obstacles in a creative and effective manner.
  • A Project Manager – You can simplify the complex. Not only can you simplify, but you can execute.
  • A Strategizer - You have a track record of helping people through uncertainty and risk. You are perceptive and can anticipate and avert problems. You are insightful and intelligent about the organization’s politics.
  • Critical Thinker - You approach situations, problems and opportunities with a curious and open minded attitude. You work to evaluate evidence objectively and systematically to form well-reasoned judgments and decisions.
  • An Exceptional Communicator – You have the ability to synthesize complex issues and communicate in simple messages.

Our ideal SBA would have experience in the tech/consulting world and is ready to take their skills and abilities to the next level. The SBA will be a motivated delivery leader who will inspire a diverse, cross-functional team to provide the models, forecasts and observations necessary to support leaders to make well informed decisions. They will have strong execution skills, as well as strategic leadership and change management skills to navigate a value-driven services organization.



Reporting to the Director of Data, The Senior Business Analyst will play a key role in leveraging data to drive business decisions and support projects for our clients.

The job responsibilities of our SBA include (but are not limited to):

  • Interface with business leaders, sales, marketing and/or technical teams to use data effectively.
  • Develop models, forecasts, analysis, visualizations and dashboards and reports to fulfill project and client needs.
  • Maintain and improve data pipelines, master datasets.
  • Prescribe and implement data warehouse schemas, collection, processing and analysis methodologies.
  • Manipulate and format raw data extracted from primary data sources.
  • Launch and train key stakeholders on new reporting or analysis.
  • Peer review the work of other for accuracy and validity.
  • Assess the quality and appropriateness of data sources.
  • Write or review data collection and processing specifications and product feature test plans.

Required Qualifications

  • 5-7 plus years demonstrated success working in a business analysis role, with experience in data analysis, business operations, project management, or a related field.
  • Proficiency in data analysis tools, such as SQL, Excel, and Tableau, as well as experience with data warehousing, data collection and processing, and data visualization.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential, as the Senior Business Analyst must be able to clearly communicate complex technical
  • Strong problem-solving skills, including the ability to analyze and interpret data, identify trends and patterns, and develop creative solutions to complex business problems.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in consulting services


Faith communities must adapt to ever changing digital realities in order to continue to reach people for Christ effectively. Servant was established to serve kingdom-focused leaders and organizations. As leaders in this space, Servant exists to empower mission. From strategy and design to architecture and development, we serve the vision of purpose-driven people and organizations.

Servant is a completely virtual company. That means we can do meetings anywhere! We love solving cool, meaningful, complex problems for our clients.

Why Servant?

The Core Values we live by are:

  • Ownership - Servant Ownership means that we’ll own our role, but not our work. It’s for everyone. Our purpose is greater than praise, position or pay, but in our contribution to something greater than ourselves, we’re simply faithful stewards of our duty. We give back to the teams, leaders, and communities we serve to keep ourselves aligned with God’s priorities.
  • Sacrifice - We create Kingdom impact with profitability that glorifies God and blesses all involved. We view our hard work as worship. We diligently treat each opportunity faithfully but hold it loosely with an open hand because we know it’s beyond our strength to bring to pass. God is faithful to what he promises.
  • Deep Care - We are life-givers. We care deeply about our impact and wish to strengthen the ecosystem. We don’t believe it’s a zero-sum game and aren’t here to monopolize anything. We are motivated by purpose and potential. We are committed to helping each person become all God created them to be.